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Visit our new expo!
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A new daring exhibition is now on display in the Markthal. This exhibition is part of the UP Street Rotterdam project, a special project for Eurovision Song Contest 2021.


Visit our new expo now!


The artist Yasja Ligtelijn is one of the five artists who have been asked by Rotterdam Marketing to participate in a special project for Eurovision Songcontest 2021. Yasja Ligtelijn has built up a nice resumé of well-known paintings, murals and projects throughout Europe. Her work consists of dark, but at the same time lively paintings in which inspiring and brave characters are centralized.

Collage Expo Studio Yasja

This daring exhibition highlights socially politcial issues such as diversity, equality, personality and social media influence. The paintings are named among others 'Equality', 'Uplifter' and 'Ik lust je rauw'. Yasja Ligtelijn's Instagram account shows her biography as follows: Painting for equality, human rights and our environment.

Visit this special exhibition in Markthal until the end of May 2021 en discover the art by Yasja Ligtelijn. 


About Yasja Ligtelijn

Yasja was born and raised on a houseboat on the edge of Amsterdam, 1991.
When she was thirteen years old, she moved with her family to the south of the Netherlands; to the countryside in nature. After secondary school, Yasja took Artistic Education in Belgium and slept during the week in a strict boarding school, based in an old monastery.
After that period, she went to the Art Academy in Maastricht (NL) and graduated in 2016 as an illustrative designer.

In 2018 she came in contact with James Jetlag (alias Fish), Nash and Arian Winterink in Heerlen (Netherlands) from GettingUp! Foundation. They introduced her to using spray cans as a medium. 
Yasja ’s paintings are dark and lively at the same time. Mostly her art exists of portraits of courageous and inspiring people. Her free work is based on her own emotions and personal experiences.

Nowadays she is painting murals all around Europe and traveling around in her old Peugeuot; fully tagged and bombed by many international and national graffiti writers. In her free time she’s mostly outside in the woods: mountainbiking, climbing or hiking.

Collage Yasja Ligtelijn

UP Street Rotterdam #ESF2021


UP Street Rotterdam is part of the Citydressing Host City Rotterdam, Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Made possible by Havenbedrijf Rotterdam (Port of Rotterdam). Check the complete programm here:

This exhibition is made possible by Rewriters 010, a project of Foundation Hiphop in je smoel. 


Soon her Peugeot is making a stop in Rotterdam! Read more on:


You can find more background information about the artist on:







Rewriters010 is offering some very cool city walks in Rotterdam where you will pass by several murals & street art. You can check out the routes on:


Rotterdam Street Art route afbeelding

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