Exhibition De Tijdtrap

De Tijdtrap is a permanent exhibition of archaeological finds in the stairwell and parking garages of the Markthal. All objects were found during the excavation prior to the construction of the Market Hall and together tell the story of this place.

If you now walk through the center of Rotterdam you can hardly imagine what the city looked like in the Middle Ages. Nevertheless, meters below street level there are still many remains of buildings and finds from that time.

Use an escalator to literally move through time and experience the history of Rotterdam in images and original objects. De Tijdtrap is accessible daily and you descend 15 meters down the stairwell of the parking garage. Each floor represents an earlier period in the history of the city and brings you closer to the origins of Rotterdam.

De Tijdtrap is accessible every day for free in the parking garage level -2, -3 and -4.